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Outsmart was started with the vision to make a mark on the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry through innovative and value-driven media solutions. When we opened our doors in 2006, we focused on developing infrastructure and implementing cutting-edge media solutions for our clients.

Our growing national footprint offers a diversity of media platforms to give our clients optimal exposure in the right environment. From townships to major freeways, billboards to branding, taxi ranks to airports, building wraps to street furniture – we are passionate about immersing brands in the day-to-day life of potential consumers.

The Outsmart team prides itself on demonstrating increased value and Return-on-Investment (ROI) for our clients and landlords. We believe in the power of meaningful partnerships and have implemented truly exceptional work with and in South Africa’s biggest municipalities, cities, townships and taxi ranks.

The OOH market is rife with possibilities and the room to do things differently. At Outsmart we want to play our part to show our clients, landlords and media agencies that we can do amazing things together. There is just no way more impactful than to engage with South Africans through the powerful medium of OOH.

Outsmart is a 100% black female owned company.

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To appreciate the value of Black-owned business in the media industry and striving to create the reputation and recognition it rightly deserves.

this is our


  • We do business honestly and ethically, never compromising our standards in pursuit of profit.
  • We build and value relationships with our stakeholders; treating them as partners; sharing their challenges; and celebrating their successes.
  • We are positively defiant in our quest to constantly raise the bar with every finished product that bears our name.
  • We take interest in our partners’ goals, treating them as our own. It is why we do all we can to help them succeed.
  • We go the extra mile, and it is never crowded. Our work does not end at 5pm. We put in the hours, help each other and work hard to provide the high quality our clients have come to expect from us.
  • We are passionate about our vision, keeping it top of mind as we go about our work so that we never forget why we are in this business.
  • We believe in team work and the notion that we are stronger together. Our passions, ambitions and talents, when combined, are worth far more than they are alone.
  • We are loyal to our own brand and those of our clients. This means we always act in the best interest of both.
  • We are tenacious and our can-do attitude means we never give up.
  • We are trailblazers who are innovative and think outside the box to create high-impact solutions.
  • We are accountable to all our stakeholders. Our word is our currency and we always strive to keep our promises. That way our clients always know what to expect from us.