We Are Proud Members of

FEPE International

Fédération de La Publicité Extérieur (FEPE International)

Outsmart is a proud member of FEPE International, a prestigious global association of outdoor advertising companies that engage in the promotion of the OOH industry.

FEPE membership provides Outsmart with a variety of benefits that assists us in enhancing our solutions in this sector: Through this association we access a wealth of global data and information about the OOH industry, including European advertising legislation.


Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA)

AMASA champions the media and advertising industry by focusing on grooming bright young talent; and bringing like-minded people together through networking, forums and online conversations.

The AMASA membership is a collaborative education, information and networking platform for media owners, media agencies, brands, consultants, students, media innovators and strategists in South Africa who represent all the different disciplines of media in agencies and client companies.